Hello! I am a research driven designer making playful interventions that provides a new perspective to socio-technical problems.

Hello! I am a research driven designer making playful interventions.

2020  |  Web Service


Step into other people's Youtube recommendation bubble

2020  |  Game

Snake City

Multiplayer game that connects players physically with their phones

2017 ~ 2020  |  Design Research

Street Debater

Collecting money and opinions on the street

2016 ~ 2018  |  Participatory Design


Exploring alternative usages of retired smartphones.

At Waag in Amsterdam, I developed immersive installations that question the role of AI in the city.

2017  |  Installation

Meet the AI Mayor

Installation to question autonomous decision making in the city

2018  |  Game

Escape the Smart City

Urban escape room against AI-enhanced surveillance  

For several years in Tokyo, I designed toys and games that challenges social issues in a playful way.

2015  |  Product


Toy that changes colour when sanitised to prevent infection.

2014  |  Game

Yoshisuke Card Game

Bridging the gap between the society and people with cognitive disabilities.