Escape the Smart City

Escape room in the city to evade AI-surveillance.



Immersing players in the speculative future where the city has turned into an panopticon from AI surveillance.

Escape from the Smart City is an escape game that questions the use of AI-enhanced surveillance in cities. In this game, players must identify hidden cameras within the city, expose algorithmic biases, and outsmart facial detection systems in order to win. This was carried out as a part of a master's research at Delft University of Technology, which defined eight specific challenges that AI surveillance poses to society. The game illuminates the role of multinational corporations in creating these "smart" surveillance systems, often without public understanding or consent.


The system assigns a trust score based on your information

Any public wrong doings are immediately fined

This hall is the secret base where the players will be operating from

Players finding hidden datasets in the city

Players masking to avoid emotion recognition

Project Details

Date » 2018
Project's Nature » Master Thesis TU Delft (cum laude)
In collaboration with Waag in Amsterdam.


My Role » Research & Design (Master Graduation Project)
TU Delft Mentor » Roy Bendor, Derek Lomas
Waag Mentor » Tom Demeyer, Stefano Bocconi