Diary of Tomorrow(s)

Generative diary that shows the alternative tomorrows that one might face

2023 — Ongoing Project

What if you could glimpse into the branching path of your life?

"Diary of tomorrow(s)" is a project that uses AI to craft a diary depicting one's potential future, drawing from the individual's values and past data.At pivotal moments in life, such as changing jobs or getting married, many of us wonder how things would have turned out if we had chosen a different path. What if you could actually glimpse into the life of the alternate "me", the one who made the choices you didn't?Participants of this diary-creating workshop provide their past data, including calendar data (.ics files), and information about their life values to a large-scale language model. Based on this input, the AI presents options like "Should I quit my job and start my own business?". Participants can then explore branching life scenarios based on their choices and see a detailed month-long schedule of where they are and what they're doing in each potential future. Whether it's a life where you embark on the journey of opening a cafe, or enjoying work in a foreign country, by holding a month-long depiction of a potential future intertwined with past actions and values, how might our everyday lives transform?


Exhibition at Think of Things 2023, August - Photo by Aya Kawachi

Project Details

Ongoing project