Deviation Game

A game in which you must draw things in a way humans can understand but AI can’t

2023 — Co-created with Playfool (Saki Maruyama & Daniel Coppen)

Now that AI can effortlessly imitate, how will we deviate?

A game where you must draw the prompt in an unusual way so that other humans can guess what it is, but the AI can’t. Expanding on Alan Turing’s Imitation Game (1950), this game utilises AI not to imitate humanity’s past expressions, but rather to encourage humans to deviate from it. The rapid advancement in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), has resulted in AI being able to imitate many of the intellectual tasks that were once exclusive to humans, such as generating images and writing. Building on the Imitation Game (1950) by Alan Turing, often considered as the father of modern computer science, we propose a new type of game, titled the Deviation Game. Through this project, our aim is to utilise AI not to imitate past expressions, but to identify what has already been expressed, allowing one to deviate from it.

とあるお題の絵を、AIにはわからないけど、人間にはわかるように描くゲーム。圧倒的な発達を遂げた現在のAI(人工知能)の分野は、画像生成や文章執筆など人間の一部の知的活動をほぼ完璧に「模倣(Imitation)」できるようになってきました。このように人による表現を容易に再生産できるAIの台頭は多くの可能性に満ちていると同時に、創作を生業にするひとからは自らの仕事が奪われてしまうと強い反発を招いています。このプロジェクトではコンピューター科学の父と呼ばれる、アラン・チューリングのイミテーションゲーム(1950)を参照したデヴィエーションゲーム (Deviation Game)を提案します。過去の模倣が得意なAIを使って何かを生成するのではなく、その表現が過去に存在したかどうかをAIに識別させることで、過去から逸脱した表現の可能性を探ります。

The drawer draws a prompt in a way the AI does not understand

The guesser tries to guess before the AI does

AI guessed the prompt "Death" first before the humans did.

The drawings get printed in the exhibition space

Our own prejudices reflected through AI

The drawings are mapped using a statistical method called t-SNE. In this method, pictures that are deemed similar by the AI are placed closer together,while those that are identified as having greater differences are placed further apart. Through drawing pictures and mapping them out in this way, we are able to visualise our internal images that may lead to prejudices (biases) held by ourselves and the groups around us.

Project Details

This work was produced as part of the “Art Incubation Program,” an artist fellowship program of the Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT].


Co-creater : Saki Maruyama & Dan Coppen (Playfool)
Technical Support: Kye Shimizu (N sketch) / Daiki Hashimoto (N sketch) / Hidemaro Fujinami (N sketch)
Photography » Aya Kawachi
CCBT Mentors :Takayuki Ito (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) / Asami Hosokawa (Sapporo International Art Festival)
Sound Design: Matteo Bandi
Textile Support: Studio Onder de Linde
Graphic Design: Taeko Isu / Chika Yamaguchi