My name is Tomo Kihara — designer / developer focusing on making meaningful change through the practice that I define as playful interventions.  

I'm the founder of Street Debater — European Commission funded project that enables homeless people to earn money on the street through positive conversations.

Right now I'm also working with the Mozilla Foundation to make a web extension that encounters biases in the Youtube recommendation model.
I am passionate about making playful interventions that gives a new perspective on hairy wicked social problems. These playful interventions take the form of a product, a game or even a new job. Since my works spans across multiple areas, I wear many hats as a developer writing code, artist doing exhibitions and an entrepreneur trying to make sustainable profit. In a nut shell, I like to make playful things that changes things for the better.

So far, my projects have been fortunate enough to get recognition, being exhibited at Designs of the Year by the London Design Museum and winning the Grand Prix at WIRED Creative Hack Award. Recently I started an initiative called Tiny Factories for indiepreneurs.

In my spare time I like to make experimental  ramen with weird ingredients that no one has heard of. I'm open for commission and collaboration, so drop me a line ;)


2019 - IxDA Interaction Awards : Finalist - Street Debater
2017 -  WIRED Creative Hack Award : Grand Prix - Street Debater
2016 - London Design Museum Designs of the Year :  phonvert


2019 - Kunsthal KaDK - Balancing Acts : Street Debater
2018 - Victoria & Albert Museum : Future Starts here - phonvert
2016 - London Design Museum : Designs of the Year - phonvert

木原 共

社会課題に介入するプロジェクトを国際的に手がけるデザイナー / エンジニア。ものごいの代替行為であるストリート・ディベーターのプロジェクトを欧州委員会からの出資のもと主導したり、Mozillaと機械学習モデルに潜む偏見を明らかにするブラウザ拡張機能を共同開発をしている。慶應義塾大学SFCを卒業後、オランダのデルフト工科大学院インタラクションデザイン修士課程を修了し、アムステルダムにある公的研究機関のWaagに所属。主な展示にサン・ティエンヌ国際デザインビエンナーレ(2019)、 Red Dot Design Museum — Social Design展(2020)など。

Academic Publication

2019 - DIS - San Diego : Designing and Prototyping from the Perspective of AI in the Wild (Full Paper)
2019 - CHI - Glasgow :  Designing an Escape Room in the City for Public Engagement with AI-enhanced Surveillance (Late Breaking Work)
2018 - CHI - Montreal : Connected Resources: A Novel Approach in Designing Technologies for Older People (Late Breaking Work)
2015 - INCLUDE - London : Developing Products to Prevent Group Infection in Nursery Schools (Poster)