Tomo Kihara is an interaction designer creating playful interventions for social change.

Tomo Kihara is an interaction designer creating playful interventions. 

Based in Amsterdam, I also founded two international design initiatives👇

2017 ~ Now | Design Research

Street Debater

Designing social alternative to begging.

2016 ~ Now | Participatory Design


Exploring alternative usages of retired smartphones.

I currently work at the intersection of art, technology, games and the urban space at Waag👇

2017 | Speculative Design

Meet the AI Mayor

Questioning autonomous decision making

2018 ~ Now | Game Design - New!!

Escape the Smart City

Urban escape room against AI-enhanced surveillance  

I'm passionate about developing playful products that confronts societal issues👇

2015 | Product Design


Toy that changes colour when sanitised to prevent infection.

2015 | Game Design

Yoshisuke Card Game

Game to bridge the gap between people with cognitive disabilities and the society