Tomo Kihara is an interaction designer creating playful interventions for social change.

Tomo Kihara is an interaction designer creating playful interventions. 

Based in Amsterdam, I'm also the founder of two international design initiatives👇

2017 ~ Now | Design Research

Street Debater

Designing social alternative to begging.

2016 ~ Now | Participatory Design


Exploring alternative usages of retired smartphones.

I currently work at the intersection of art, technology, games and the urban space at Waag👇

2017 | Speculative Design

Meet the AI Mayor

Questioning autonomous decision making

2018 ~ Now | Game Design - New!!

Escape the Smart City

Urban escape room against AI-enhanced surveillance  

I'm passionate about developing playful products that confronts societal issues👇

2015 | Product Design


Toy that changes colour when sanitised to prevent infection.

2015 | Game Design

Yoshisuke Card Game

Game to bridge the gap between people with cognitive disabilities and the society