Yoshisuke Card Game

Game to bridge the gap between people with cognitive disabilities and the society

2015 |  Product Design & Development


How can we bridge the gap between people with cognitive disability and the society?

In Japan, people with cognitive disability are separated from the rest of the society in closed facilities. The aim of this project was to promote an understanding of how people with cognitive disability perceive the world to the general public. This game uses paintings drawn by people with cognitive disability at Yoshisuke Care Facility in Kanagawa. By using their painting as a card in a story telling game, the game provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between people with cognitive disability and the society.


Story telling game to see the world from the perspective of people with cognitive disabilities.

Through conducting a half-year ethnographic research at the care facility I found out that  people there had a unique way of communicating with the staffs through drawing paintings. Inspired by this I developed a card game where players tell stories which they felt from each painting. The story telling game provides opportunity to get closer to how  peoples at the facility perceive the world.

Atsushi Inoue draws these beautiful rainbow cat-shaped textiles.

Each drawing have a different story.

The cards were made in the facility

Playing the game at several locations


Exhibiting around Japan to promote understanding about cognitive disabilities.

This product was played in several events in Japan. It was nominated for the Good Job Award 2016 that awards project promoting social inclusion and was exhibited across Japan in 4 different locations.

The product was exhibited at Miyagi, Tokyo, Osaka and Oita

The game and the cards were exhibited

Exhibiting at the center of Tokyo — Shibuya Hikarie

Project Details

Date » 2015, July - Jan
Appearance » Good Job Exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie
Project's Nature » Self Initiated Project


My Role » Research & Development
Collaborators » Minami Kawasaki, Nagomu Sugimoto
Mentor » Daijiro Mizuno