Snake City

Multiplayer game that connects players physically with their phones

2020 |  Game


How can phones be used to connect people physically, not digitally?

Snake.City is an urban game to be played anywhere with anybody. Players place thumbs either side of a mobile phone and in-turn connect with others. The game ends when any one player lets go. Go to to start the game

Web based game using websocket and node.js, which can be played on any device instantly

We chose to make this game using web technologies to make sure this game runs on any device. We use web socket in the backend to detect the touches across multiple devices. This enables the players to jump in at any time quickly without having to install an app.

Project Details

Date » 2020,
As part of » Trust in Play Europeasn School of Urban Game Design


Collaboration with  » Giulia Gualtieri, Gavin Wood
My Role » Front end development + Visual design