Yoshisuke Card Game

Game to foster understanding about autism

Yoshisuke Card game is a game that creates a bridge between people with autisms.

This game uses paintings drawn at Yoshisuke Care Facility, which is a vocational aid facility for mentally handicapped people. Through an ethnographic research I found out that autistic people at the vocational aid center had a unique way of communicating with the staffs through drawing paintings.

In this project I used this unique way of communication to promote understanding towards autistic peoples unique way of perceiving the world by making their paintings into a card game.

In this game players play a game to tell stories which they felt from each painting. The story telling game provides opportunity to get close to the autistic peoples unique way of perceiving the world. This project also aims to create a business model, which enables the paintings drawn by the facility user to be sold in a new way.

This project was selected as a finalist for the God Job Award 2015, an award for innovative projects in the domain of social welfare.



  • Tomo Kihara

My role

  • Project lead and development


  • Good Job Award Exhibition 2015
  • The project is currently being exhibited at 5 cities in Japan. Sendai , Tokyo , Osaka and Fukuoka.
  • http://goodjobproject.com/


  • Good Job Award Finalist 2015