Design Activation

Project phonvert is a non-profit open project, aimed at speculating and developing alternative usages of retired smartphones to reduce material waste.

IDC estimates that of the 1.4 billion smartphones sold in 2015, more than 280 million working smartphones were replaced without being recycled. While many of these retired smartphones still work and have usable functions like cameras, accelerometers, touch screens and Wi-Fi, most of them remain unused.

Through spreading the word “phonvert”, which is a made up word that combines phone and convert, I am urging people around the world to find alternative usages for old phones.From a microscope for smart diagnostics in Uganda to an earthquake monitor in Japan, new phonvert ideas are being developed around the world.

I am the founder of this project and now continuing it at the Waag Society in Amsterdam

2016 - ongoing

  • Founder / Project lead internship at the Waag Society


  • Tomo Kihara , Keisuke Shiro ,Kousuke Takahashi , Seibe Takahashi, Nagomu Sugimoto, Yumi Kishi

My role

  • Project Lead / UI Motion design


  • SXSW Austin 2016
  • Exhibited at London Design Museum - Design of the Year 2016
  • V&A - Future Design 2018


  • Nominated as the Design of the Year 2016 by the London Design Museum.
  • Nominated for INDEX : Design to Improve Life
  • TTT 2015 - 2nd Place : Best Demo Award