Voice to 3D text bazooka

Kotobazooka is an interactive entertainment system to make audience participate in concerts.

This device converts the voice of the audience into 3D words to shoot them out on to the screen. This queer interaction aims to tighten the bond between the otaku audience and the singer on the stage. Kotobazooka was used in a concert by the Japanese pop singer group Nizino-Konkistadolls and was covered on TV.


  • Graduation work at BaPA - Academy of Programming and Art.


  • Tomo Kihara , Risa Horikoshi , Naho Yamaguchi , Tsutomu Shiihara , Shogo Tabuchi

My role

  • Programming (Unity / javascript) / Hardware Development


  • Nizino-Konkistadolls at Shibuya Hikarie Hall 2015 7/21


  • Receiving bronze award at BaPA - Academy of Programming and Art