Learn the proper way to wash hands

Tearaikagami is an interactive washing mirror to teach children the proper way to wash hands. One of the most effective way to prevent the spread of infections is to wash hands in the proper way. But most children tend to only rub their hands together, which will not sterilize the germs on the back of the hand and between the fingers.

Childcare workers are trying hard to teach children the proper way to wash hands with songs and posters but the effort remains ineffective, since most children are not interested in washing hands. It is also difficult for childcare workers to check whether a child has correctly washed hands every time.

To meet this challenge we have developed an interactive washing mirror that makes washing hands fun whilst teaching children the proper way of washing hands. By placing this mirror in nursery schools we aim to make children form the habit of washing hands correctly.


  • Tomo Kihara, Katsufumi Matsui, Eri Nishihara, Yuta Takeuchi, Wataru Ito, Yuta Kato

My role

  • Programmer


  • Omotesando SPIRAL Gallery 2014 3/12 -3/22


  • Campus Genius Contest 2014 - Bronze Award
  • DIGITAL SIGNAGE AWARD 2014 - Jury’s Pick
  • Asia Digital Art Award - Special Recognition Award