I am a research driven design technologist
creating playful interventions to reframe societal issues.

In my practice, I find points of intervention in complex socio-technical problems by conducting ethnographic research. Then I design playful interventions that challenges these issues by utilising creative coding and physical prototyping.

My projects to reframe societal issues through design has been acclaimed internationally, being nominated as Design of the Year 2016 by the London Design Museum and winning the Grand Prix of WIRED Creative Hack Award in 2017.

My recent project  Street Debaters aims to change the act of begging into a job to create public discourse through playful artifacts.

Graduating from MSc Design for Interaction in TU Delft, I have backgrounds in design research and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) with a strong passion for game design. Whenever I tackle a project I take the approach of research through design — finding out new things as I make things.

Originally from Japan, I am now based in the Netherlands. Currently looking for a new adventure so drop me a line if you want to collaborate or just have some coffee 😉

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